Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wednesday (7/12/05)

It is early Wednesday Morning here in China. We are getting sleep now. I had eight hours! Up early, that's ok! Maggie is sleeping. She woke up 3 times last night. But, went right back to sleep with me patting her back. She was just checking to make sure we are still with her.

Some of the babies from Changsha are not having an easy time. One in our group is sick with a high fever. They think it is dehydration. All the girls from Changsha are 18 months and are grieving pretty hard. One of the girls is starting to come around and her parents got their first little laugh yesterday.

The Qidong girls are doing very well. All are coming out of their shells. We think they all had scabies and were treated a couple of the girls look like they still have them. I am watching Maggie. She has some little bumps but she is not itching them so it could be heat rash.

Maggie is coming out of her shell and is so playful! She giggles and rolls all over the bed.

Oh it is hot here! My hair is so curly and out of control. I just laugh at it! Oh she's awake so I have to go.


Walmart in China (7/12/05)

When we were done we went to Walmart. Man was that an experience! We were the show! Matt and I almost bought a case of milk because we thought it was water. Ginny our guide thought that was pretty funny. She helped us find the water and the diapers we needed. Oh, our little Maggie wears a size 1 diaper! We bought her a 0 to 6 month outfit and it fits her perfect.

Maggie slept all night! I woke up and was up an hour in the night and then poor Matt woke up around 3 am.

Today Maggie ate so good! Scrambled eggs and congee- we have to stop her from eating too much! She is very good and tells you what she wants. We ventured out and wandered up the street. Watch our because cars, mopeds and people all us the side walks! Everyone is very friendly and says "Hellow". We are definitely the attraction. A group of young girls all came up and to see us all saying "Hellow". They were in some sort of dance recital. They were all so cute! I felt like I was looking into the future!

This afternoon we will be heading off to the embroidery museum and some more shopping. We need to buy Maggie some clothes that will fit!

Thank you all for following our adventure! We love you Luke only 10 days until we are home!


Friday, July 11, 2008

3 years today we met our daughter and became a family of four. It is so hard to describe how much we love her and how she is a perfect fit for our family. Luke and Maggie are a "normal" brother and sister. They pick on each other, fight, hug, play, and most of all they love each other.

Maggie has grown into a very precocious and at times a very spirited little girl. Her beauty is captured by numerous photos that her father and grandfather have taken the last 3 years. For the many who are waiting for a child I can say that I would have waited forever to meet our sweet little girl and I am so thankful to God for leading Matt and I down this path to our second child.

A Few More Words from Matt (7/11/05)

The eastern sun is dawning, and I've been up since 3, so why not leave a few more comments. Maggie is the sweatest little girl. She has the best disposition and very happy. She went to bed at 7:30 last night and is still asleep at 5:30am...but she had a big day yesterday. Mainland is much different from Hong Kong. The language barier takes a step up. I find my self talking in 2 and 3 words sentences , and pointing a lot (sometimes when just talking to amy). The people here are very nice, and are helpful to all the new parents. We went to Wal-mart yesterday, which is only like our's in name and the little price signs. The smell was bad, primarly coming from the aquatic area also known as the sea food dept.(see day4 photos) How would you like to buy frog legs with the frog still attached....oh ya and allive!??? We had Pizza Hut last night which was good, but not exactly "like home". Yesterday on the bus Ginny commented that there were only 4 men in the group of 16, but that was o.k. we could all carry the luggage, of course big laughs from the other 12. Well that's all I have for now, I'm a better talker than typer (ask anyone).


We Have Her! (7/11/04)

We are pleased to announce that we have been united with our daughter and Luke's little sister! Maggie is so good. She takes it all in and she hasn't cried once!

Think tiny! Size 2 diapers are too big! We are doing fine! She has 6 teeth and she is working on more. She is babbling and chewing on everything. Maggie has had her first meal with us and she likes Cheerios! She doesn't like the formula we brought. Ginny is running out to get some for all of us.

She is beautiful! She has the cutest little smile and a cute little laugh!

Thank you God and China for our new daughter!

Maggie Day! (7/11/05)

Good Morning! It is 5:30 am Monday morning and we are only five hours away from meeting our Maggie! I have had 5 hours of sleep. I woke up this morning starving. I had some of my oatmeal that I packed. It was sooo good. This morning breakfast starts at 6:30 am. Matt wants to eat early today! We have to see Echo this morning about paperwork.

Last night coming in from the airport it was very dark. No real street lights. It was after 9 pm and there were so many people outside. It is very hot here! The shops were all opened and people were milling about. As we passed by people we were now the attraction. Very poor area we drove up through. So many men outside with no shirts on, children running everywhere, you would have thought is was 12 noon. Couples riding on motorbikes and the women were on the back riding side saddle. We also so a man on a motorbike with a large cart that he was using as a fish tank. In the back of the cart there was a catfish. Did I say if is different here? It is so interesting to see all of this and to take it all in.

Then, we pulled up to the Dolton and the lobby is so lavish and grand and it is in the middle of all this poverty. We were very happy to get in and to our room. I was hopped up on adrenaline again and got things somewhat organized for today.

Today, after we get the babies we will be going to Walmart to get supplies. It is so funny to be so happy about something so mundane. We will be shopping for baby clothes, baby food and baby shoes. For us bananas and oranges (fruit that can be pealed), chips, Ritz crackers will be a good start!

We love and miss you Luke! The day is finally here, we are going to meet your little sister! Big Hugs and Big Kisses are coming to you from around the world!!!!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

We are in Changsha! (7/10/05)

Good Morning to you all!

What a day! We woke up early at 4 am. Called home and then ventured out for a bite to eat! Have I said that it is monsoon season. Well, it was quite interesting walking around and seeing where we needed to get back to and not know how to get there. Obviously, we made it back to the hotel. We hung out at the hotel because both of us are feeling a little out of sorts.

About 12 we decided to go back to the airport and then it was sunny and beautiful! We could see the island. I keep having the Bali Hi song from South Pacific running through my head. We got to the airport really early and man I started to hit the wall. I was dizzy and nausated! I laid down on the chairs and slept for an 1 1/2 and felt great after that! Jet lag kicked my rear and won!

We then met our travel mates and Ginny, Echo and Mandy! Echo is the mother hen! It is great to have them I feel so much more at ease with them leading us through the process.

We arrived at Changsha at 9:00pm this evening. The 75% of the plane were families adopting! It was wonderful. You could feel the energy! I sat by a very nice woman from HK who was meeting a friend from Belgium who was adopting a little girl as well.

Susie Smith: I met a woman named Janet who is traveling with a friend from our group who is adopting. Janet used to work with you in Davenport. Her grandpa was our grandma's cousin! She was at your wedding. She looked too familar when we met. Also, we are traveling with a couple from Mahomet who are adopting and Ellen use to work with Eric! Small world!

Fill you in on more tomorrow! We get the babies at 10:30 am!!!!! Maggie here we come!!!!!

Can you believe that I am not tired! We will post pics as soon as we can!